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Episode 42: Arijit Bhattacharyya – From Superhero Drawings to Creating World-leading Technologies

Episode 42: Arijit Bhattacharyya – From superhero drawings to creating world-leading technologies

Our guest Arijit Bhattacharyya exemplifies what a gifted creative mind can accomplish. From superhero drawings as a child all the way to creating world-leading technologies and much, much more.

Game Developer, Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist, Global VC, and lecturer are just some of the things we discuss with Arijit. He is living an enviable creative life. Arijit discusses how he went from drawing superheroes as a child to becoming a game developer and entrepreneur. He shares with us some of the challenges he faced and what the future has in store for him.


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Episode 42: Arijit Bhattacharyya From Superhero Drawings to Creating World-leading Technologies

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I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people download our free e book. Yes it’s volume one and it represents what the first twenty seven people on our podcast had the stay about staying motivated. The and i have to add that it was staying motivated. When you just simply don’t fill like a special and that was what was interesting to me was. They all contributed something uniquely special from their own creative experiences. Well you know what. I can’t wait till we create volume to yes and that will be out around the end of the year old. Hi everyone and here. We are celebrating. What people love to do creatively by giving them a voice. I’m rod jones in. I’m angie jones. Welcome to the thought. Rose show we invite you to follow us wherever you listen and just to let you know our episodes are always absolutely free to listen to and of course you can always check us out at thought. Row podcast dot com where you can listen to any or all of the episodes on our website especially if you miss one and that can happen. Also we would love to hear from you. Don’t be shy. We can all you can always reach us through the web’s sites contact page and let us know your thoughts. Yeah and not as why we’re called thought row podcast because we would like to hear from you and we can always learn from one another. Yes we can before. I ask you to share your quote Who are we featuring in our new segment. I love the sabre. And it’s it’s called. What are they up to now. Okay well this week’s feature is going to be jean sassi and the sassy museum of art. They moved to a new space in the arts district of pomona. They added to separate smaller gallery spaces for smaller exhibits a gallery to show pieces from the museum’s permanent collection and a small museum store to sell work from their member. Artists catalogs and books has pomona california. Yeah it is not too far from us not too far and the exhibit photography past and present is closing and included almost two hundred pieces from the mid eighteen hundreds to present day. Those a great show. It has and november will be the torso project fundraiser which will include approximately forty torsos that have been decorated by artists to be auctioned off online from the twenty fifth to the twenty seventh of november. Along with the torsos the project will also include an exhibit featuring the art of the human body with painting sculpture and photography and the museum has created catalogues and books. If you’d like to know more please go to sassy art museum dot org definitely check that out. That is an incredible website. There’s so much information and content on there goes back several years. So it’s it’s definitely worship canal very much so sassy museum of art dot org fassi art museum dot or yes i got it. I know we’re going to have a great interview coming up. So we’re going to have to keep our intro short today okay. So she hobo sharing with us your quote okay. So here’s my quote for this episode and it is my favorite museums. Are things like the frick museum in new york. The huntington hartford in pasadena. Where it’s like someone’s home you walk through and that quote is by. Larry ellison the co founder of oracle would have never guessed that in a million ya. I was kinda surprised. That’s why when you said in you know. The huntington is certainly one of our favorites. Not that far for us to drive tune. And then i also remember the free quite well because i got busted her for trying to take pictures there and actually was only taken pictures of the you know. The overall architecture was at focusing in on a painting but within a matter of seconds. I was surrounded. Yeah i don’t. I don’t know how i feel about that. Because sometimes assists nice to take environmental pictures like you were doing in the security fund. Police comes by and put the kabosh on it. Well it definitely wasn’t taken a selfie just kind of like the archetypes.

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The interest way is really if you have an opportunity. Beautiful good new york. You should check it out. It’s pretty special. And i remember the berle collection in switzerland which. I’m not sure. If i’m saying that correct that you did i. It spelled b. u. e. h. r. l. e. collection in switzerland that was so charming and intimate with all the remarkable art on the walls and literally. It’s an neighborhood. We had a hump the hill to get up to it was well worth it vary and that’s one of my one of my favorites too. Unfortunately a few years later they were robbed of some of their most cherished paintings. And i’m not really sure if they ever recover them though. I guess we could always find out. Yeah i’m not sure either. But you know i know we need to move on. So let’s let’s have your rods motivational moments. My motivational moment speaking of museums. Here’s what i think. A museum on a rainy day is the most perfect place to be. You’ll find yourself surrounded by paintings that had become old friends too many. Oh couldn’t agree more couldn’t agree more. Remember when we were in europe in it was always raining. It seemed like when we were going anywhere because we went during the winter that one time so it was pretty rainy but anytime we got him museum at felt warm cozy and like you were just a delegate or i remember one time i was in new york and it was really miserable. Rainy gay and i decided to go to the metropolitan museum of art a little tonight. I know almost all of new york decided that tax But i think that’s they all had the same idea of course it was raining. And what else are you going to do. Need to be inside. The i know guest is going to have a lot to share with us your listeners. So how about us bringing him on now. Okay well let me kind of introduce some so we. We know what he’s about We’re going to speak with our jeet but a tara and our jeet is a serial entrepreneur. Technologist ted speaker global v. c. and upheld near in the computer game development industry is going to be interesting. Yeah welcome to the thought row. Podcast you know. We really excited to have you with us. She’d we’re always pleased to have an entrepreneur on our show that so accomplished. Thank you thank you so much for inviting me new york. Podcast is sup laser and honored to be here will thank you. Thank you so much happy to have you here very much. So okay so. Rg before we begin our interview. We always ask our guests what they had for breakfast. So what did you have well. Because i am kind of freak gun. Jim flick usually have maybe So i had it. On the viks cubit approves and a bunch of dry troops with water. Oh that is really healthy. Good for you. So do you work out then to every day. I usually workout that lease for an hour. He faked congo. Jim have a homebase gene as well in my own house oi usually at the gym on bond some few fights and try to build some good muscle and try to have alle- lifestyle so that i can walk mall exactly get free. It’s also good for your brain heating healthy. It’s good for the mind. So why don’t you start by telling us. Where are you speaking to us from. Where are you right now. Sean right in india. I’m start of a city called calcutta which is eastern part of india if you look at the global map. I’m just near to a place which is close to bangladesh before omission bangladesh and west bengal. My state used to be one barred till date. We talk the same language which has been golly though there pronounciation and the way they speak mongolian little different than ours but we cherish the same food. Kind of same kind of culture internally. So that’s my exactly at the moment interesting when would assure homelike lucky to detail what is it. What is it like. I’m actually be sort of cities so this is like kind of insane. Mix a few green trees. I’m not exactly into the concrete jungle. Intentionally i built my house emphasis basically If you compare down downs kind of area where we have not of greenies lot of open sky.

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Mainly people stay in own house down. Bats are apartments. That’s the a A usually steve. So if your audience don’t know bengal conjure in the long bag doing our prettified. We had lots of personalities. Like swami anand who is from. Bengal is a bengali. Rowena tagore if you have hard about death name is global name is a famous void. Yeah we’re from us from ingong. Yeah yeah and we had dodgy shoe bus gender boss. He’s another bengali. We have a long list of bengali’s and for the audience. Bingoing used to be the capital of india before a british game and when this started ruling india that time right somehow somehow it used to be the main capital somehow it used to be one of the finest porch and we had all those loads of business and doing a lot of cultural activities. Date if you look at the bengal it has got all those cultural activities all those intellectual properties all those people who are artists were coming from bengal. Anisa the famous area. Where you’ll get a lot of people who are from basically from creativity and their background is creativity and you can get any bengali. In anywhere in the word nike. Us you’ll get lot of bigger. Leads traveled across the world to probably seeking for something more and something more so we are yet explorer. How big oil field. What is more ideas. That’s how we usually cry for now. The wonderful you to we’re going to ask you some additional questions later on in that as some follow ups in that area we know of the culture and especially the creativity that comes out of bengal. Yeah very very repeal affect what i was curious did you. Did you grow up in india. Always the whole time you were growing up so i started. I started traveling During my entrepreneurial days so i traveled around forty plus countries to date which is not a big number but all these travel actually happened to do business. Expansion and a couple of requisitions Raising activities for others a few of the helping for start and growing couple of communities but that started for god the europe roy started in two thousand six. My first first intention travel adopted. Okay great but i do up completely in india full-fledged indian homegrown man who’s your family is still there shore around in the area you live in yes and you know we all gain something from when we grew up we learn various things. I’m curious about what do you consider to be the most valuable lesson you learned as a child. Well if you ask me. My superhero is my father. And of course coastline. Betas essense moment. Dad if you ask me that specific question probably loaned to become crazy and you know. Put my nose the greed and achieved things from my father. So maybe that’s the biggest learning. Unless that i got. That’s that’s really think he’s an inspiration. Have good parents. What what line of business was your father in my father. He is not from business. I’m the first one in the family. The entire fan fathers to start your own business. So i’m opposed international onto my father. He’s a corporate guy he used to work in corporate cheese. Return men now enjoying the family life. My mom. she’s a public prosecutor but again should do car retirement around thirty two years back. I intentionally pushed her to do that so that she can enjoy our. Oh second second part of our lives running joke with the thumb. Wonderful now when we talk to you. Initially you mentioned that you like to draw in your child. When did you start drying in. What was your favorite subject matter. Okay so started. Drying windows in glass do standard so it actually happened. Because i really wanted to rob the draw color. I was fascinated about something which is into black and white and green mode color tone and while watching me a couple of characters not only nature.

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i was actually more inclined about creating gatos. Human animals and others right for my mom decided that i need a detroit so she she took me to one of the finest artists and down but i denied to get shading from him. Because i wanted to watch batman in. Yes yes so. He gave me a dime. Which is conflicting with by you know batman tv. Cd’s so i decided on seed. And i asked him that. Can you change the time he said. No i mean this is the time. So i said okay. Then i’m not gonna learn from you. And i came back home. I started learning on my own. Even really when i was in class. Three standard audio after my mom got someone with a used to be art student in the arts. School was a college student. Of course he’s name is maniacal mahato. I don’t know where ease right now. If you are listening to this podcast. i’ll be blessed and honored as a teacher who are part of my life of so. When when he started teaching me we became friends. You became like my. I don’t know probably like my illiberal. Might minto regarding drying and we used to spend a lot of times. It’s not about only arts. We used to talk a lot of talk. About universe about god lord based i wanted to create super heroes show. Those things started with a very nice discussion between a child and a college student and that’s continued for probably next For years somehow got a job full time and he decided to leave our time and he couldn’t tell me that he’s leaving because he loved him like my love his younger brother. Yeah and he wrote me a letter on those days. There was no email of course right. It ought to be later. Upholstered it when he shifted from calcutta to delhi road along later. Why you couldn’t tell me that he’s leaving and he wished me all the luck and he wanted to connect back But somehow lost touch lost contact. I was a kid and of course we didn’t have that. Mobile phone are or elephants service. And i tried to write letters to him in initial few days that you know later used to go there used to communicate to nominators yes after that loss starts like probably shifted from that place and we lost that unfortunately obviously then after that critical person in your life is fabulous. Yeah but then. After that. I never took any teacher in a my entire life as artist. I started drawing out of fashion of love on at the age of about serious speaking. Probably when i was in plastic standard i started writing comics drawing comics and uterit- us to write and draw the same time with a dialup of a box into school. Diaries and papers thome himes that used to happen. That’s a funny story. So that used to happen when the history teacher used to come on into my tiffin ours hours was okay like i used to have different after that. You know a lunch break. And after that. I used to draw on. I used to create those comics but in history classes. That was show so boring for me. I started drawing of i used to seeing the third page and in each of every week laws. I used to be thrown out of class. Because i was doing some kind of funny stuff in history classes that give me a challenge to explore history in a different way. I never wanted to learn and remember all such yours. All such Decided brown. I’m gonna reap these extreme in a different way as well. It started learning sanskrit which is one of the oldest language yes in the history of mankind. I started learning it and my mom. She helped me to learn it because she’s a sense scholar so John started digging deep. Into in your epic indian might lodges lord of other countries. If fix might stories like mayans and nordics from different different languages and i started building my own superhero universe from all those stories innovative different storytelling manner in the sense. I wanted to dig the science behind all those if he sees all those might drudge. Good stories even. I traveled to the various different places while bring my little travel risk.

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Usually go to places where i can get all such information. Probably not from books probably from foreclosed probably from old people. Only foam is man. I met them in person. I had a discussion with them. I read lot of old structures. Lord dimmer destroyed in india to video honest but while digging dat i developed passion to dig the science behind all those stories to look at present situation of the word if we look back yoga while i forgot to mention i am avid yoga level. I am joel to anybody with any any. Any place doesn’t matter chew. While while exploring such of activities. I understood that Human needs to be more with nature and Probably i can talk more. Which might arts without saying a lot of things. In my childhood. I used to get into was probably that doesn’t show in my what costs but i used to be a total introvert. Kid time probably i started my own entrepreneurial journey so i used to draw at. I used to talk with my drawing rather than talking to people on Is basically exclamation. Mark that i never. Oj myself as artists. I don’t know whether i’m artist or not. But then when i started the company on my own can share you something like how. I started a and you know we would really like to do that. I wanna say it’s very interesting. How the path of your creativity in the fact that you had taken advantage of of sanskrit. Everything that you’ve learned in your life that you’ve that all to your art and then i’m gonna ask you a question and then please tell us what you’re going to save my question relates to this. You referred to yourself as a serial entrepreneur and i. We’d like to know what that would that means to you. And how is that impacted your life but your art has had some impact. Is that connect with your eating. It has had some impact on you being an entrepreneur. Is that correct right. That’s right so i will probably did you. Back in ninety ninety eight. Were up at that time in india. There’s examination that usually happens which is called pulled examination. So it’s like after plus nine that dim eleven and twelve twelve. You go to college. Choose a specific bought arcadia for you. Dil costlo standard used to be a science student. All i used to love. My ads is true now. Physics chemistry. I spend a lot of time with in chemistry. Labs not doing school stuff. Rather i was creating colors from natural flowers and leaves to while doing all those kinds of activities. I was talking a lot. I mean my father is mine. Best friend you can say so. We used to talk a lot on those times accused and He used to me a lot of stories about businessman and how business can actually help our ecosystem a whole country. And i used to read a lot about the global entrepreneurs like steve jobs than dhaka on the those names. I was fascinated how they are making destruction so while doing twelve. John’s to enter into engineering which is completely in line. All of all of the family was taught that i’ll be choosing a part which is in the tradition like people. Lawyers doctors engineers. That’s our vomiting features prophecies. But then one night i die. I had a discussion with by vodka. Is that. I want to create disruption. I’d want to go a job. I don’t want to you know joining rather on. Start my own venture house me that. Why exactly want to start you. And what kind of injury on the stuff so i said i want to create again. Build up and company was like shocked. I mean game. Donald very bad so he asked me that why i mean you want to mix your drying with your what. Tell me why exactly give up all of a sudden. So i said i want to recruit ward more people and i believe that your needs businessman who can probably make money are the entire country and they can recruit more and more people into the company.

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And company will probably take your. That was a really simple kind of that is that was there in my mind. Had any kind of idea to start a business how to run a company Things done. I was just like a passionate. I wanted to do something for the mobile apps. So the discussion started around eight thirty. Pm went deal before him next day. My father he wanted me to become a soccer ball player. Somehow and my mom. She wanted me to become a lawyer user. I mean because she’s alive. I should hope but somehow convinced my father and he said that okay fine. You want to start your adventure number problem. But i don’t have a lot of money to give you what i can give. You can give you the space where you can start your own company This is the only step that you do likely store your company as trae license. But you’re seventeen. You are not. you’re not you’re not eighteen. exactly wanna start anyway. It was a challenging thing. It was a funny thing. I started and i failed miserably on that time. There was no one who can understand my language. I was talking something which is parolee. Alien to them and It was a very difficult time for me to convince parents at the same time convincing people in family. What i’m doing why. I left in uniting and why joined economics and statistics as a combination. We also had to convince yourself. It’s very challenging to take your the way you’re raised the way you were taught and then all of a sudden go off in a direction that doesn’t necessarily fit with your history. Yeah true and economics. Because i wanted to the almost part of it because i’m a complete science. Geek is difficult for me to shift completely to almost background but economics. I taught probably will be to understand the business part of it which didn’t happen anyway. So in next three years it was a challenging time from there was no mentor. There was one who can support me. Who can understand me. Probably guide me. I was roaming here. They’re sorting like you know. Undated in big wilson so while exporting that ocean i realized that i need to be bitty bitty focused so people understand what i’m talking about. Let me create products. Who can which can probably talk about what i’m talking about um so i need money for that and team for that so i started a akkad after roaming there one year starting naked to meet with only one student in my home excess and from one student that grow from one to fifteen fifty went to approximate by wondered adores full house of students. I was teaching programming. I was teaching drying hours teaching them animation. Now you may ask me from where i got. All these kinds of knowledge. I programmer set thought animator. Sisa teased that. Whatever i know to these people were probably we had it got of a approximate two years two years. So all these students to be very honest got placement and they got placements in lots of different emergency because they begin program us great programmers. Couple of them got chance as a designer few of them chance as an animator. I picked up by people to join in mayan wanted. They became my first layer of employees. Who started working on us. Specific game Together six of us. We build a nice decent game while doing these activities. I used to sell computers on those days. If you remember we used to have assembled computers plus branded comforters. Yeah because of money. Constraints of people used to buy assembled countries. And i used to ask them bullet from the new market and used to sell it to either offices are to promote the local household. And if you look at bengal let me give you a small idea about the communication. That happens on that time. I used to draw the line local train. So if you look at local inns in calcutta is like full of people like people used to. It’s like it’s like if you look at them. You will feel that. Probably some monkeys are traveling in full of people you know. They don’t have places to stand. That’s the kind of local rain we used to have so. My shoes used to be the black shoes. Used to be great on my. If it is a white short it used to become a different color in different parts of that white shark.

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I just like sweating like anything. So i used to carry extra show an extra shoe in by back that go to the nearby market change. Do that some bling for buthelzi hours sell it to a nearby office are to a house ordered. Make some good amount of money. Back user distributed to buy team created the product because the story very short through the product win back to this market when bias used to happen had a discussion with a guy who used to do a lot of pilots. Yeah i told him that are got a new game in the market which you don’t have. He said you’re bluffing. I said no not bluffing. Just use it. Install it into a p. c. unplayed. She started playing got interested. And while watching him coupla by sixteen or guys game they also loved it. She said from her you got it said this is from the market. This is our creation. I wanted to make a deal with you. I’ll give you a fifty percent. You get your of the marketing on the unit to give me a promise that this is not going to be binded. So he put something In that cd and he started selling it he made money. I made money. And that’s how the entire journey com started a now. We have lots of different sectors into the company. We work on artificial intelligence. We are on blockchain on vr. A are a lot of new technology like iot. We have nothing designing you need. So do you ask me the question. Why i call myself as a city alums panel off the starting that company probably in two thousand six seven. I was invited into Blesses because the stock of buzzed in stock in india. And why i want to ask you ask you a question before you go to that because it’s fascinating and you surly have come a long way from doing those sketches of superheroes. I guess we would like to what. What is the driving force behind your bishen. What made you so ambitious in this area because there are a lot of people that have dreams that they want to accomplish this and they want accomplish that and they never unfortunately a lot of don’t go the direction that they had hoped in your case. It looks like you planned a life that turned out to be very successful. But what do you think is your driving force behind your ambition. Honest answer you know was the driving force. Probably i love keep going but if you ask me specifically maybe i wanted to give back rather than taking things from the nature or on community. So that’s my nature. So when i when you when you start your your life as a valuable you get more. And that’s the that’s the power of nature you give fights nature. We’ll give you fifty back. Probably that’s my driving force to value. Give value app gives value and value. I share a lot of stories because you probably love these stories of my personal life. We changed Abortion from probably a hardcore onto banner. Off i had eagle once upon a time in my life. I share all those stories. If you if you allow me well we certainly want to hear some of them absolutely. Yeah with guinness okay. So in two thousand six. What happened six or seven. I forgot which year it was. I was invited as a speaker in one of the university year in bengal which was like people died to get a chance for felucca mention after my graduation. I did moscow company designs. The week all has mca monster incompetent vacation. I did quite a bit of number of master degrees in finance and others because my face offs me that unit to go for all those kinds of certifications otherwise will just you know not be very happy because in our family we have all those activities anyway coming back to the story. I was talking on giving a speech in a in a in a conference in that conference. What happened a couple of people above main teas or other students. David asking me a lot of wizards. They were asking me a question which is a lake. Probably i was watching my myself in those students and they’re clueless out and start what to do where to go just like me around any as back are brought the ats back. So i decided that if i can help them. Maybe that will be good for these guys.

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So i started helping. Few of those students wanted to start as entrepreneurs. The very tom entrepreneur tagged in my name on that time before that people used to call me a businessman. I’m a crazy guy. Ama- magbonseh so. I started mentoring these kids. I started mentoring. These young minds and one of them told me that. Can you help me with some. I wanted to start my own business. I i’m clueless out to do that. So i said okay fine. I can always tried to help you. What exactly you want to do so. He told me that he wants to start. A business which is on completely non technology basis obliquely controversial. I’m sorry completely. You know unusual kind of business which is on spectacles. So i held that fellow initial days started his website giving him out of see things in all and he started his journey and i felt really good. I felt that probably like and help lot. Many people who toddler age a leading newspaper from india. They wanted to do a story on my life on my entrepreneurial journey me does the forest news that came out and i started getting a not of emails from lot many people from various part of india and to be very honest for next four to five years. I was like a face of media Almost everywhere in various part of india. Neither the speaker either as as as a media smacking it showed that gave me a kind of mindset. And doing this for five years. I actually invested in two three more ventures through two more companies on I started loving it help being creating new ventures in all getting some newcomers in the market and then broadly helping him to start his own business and become part of that company as a jaw. It was not at all calculated as a investor Darnest your doors. More of like helping someone with money i know. Of course. I wanted to have some money back doing this this entire incident so what happened. I became like you can say. I started thinking that rob the i became lake Steve jobs and people you used to call me like that. You know the steve jobs from eastern part of the year. So i i had a lot of lot of lord of eagle that okay i became like. Oh my usage cherish. I wanna make a comment here. You actually you started out at one point in your life drawing superheroes and then you became one you are one i no. I don’t know that. I became that or not but yes so i am to a lot of people that you’ve helped a lot of the people that you’ve helped build their careers build their success and happiness. I think you’re a superhero. And what happened. Thank you so much ed. What happened officer lot more like those of eagles i started getting a lot of fascinated opportunities from villas. Different part of worried has signed. I was like okay. Fine i’m in ninth cloud or something like that and Of course. I want to enter into the movie industry. Let’s interesting story for all of you. So i’ll if you back to probably in nineteen ninety nine. When i started digging into the movie industry to do couple of the effects up for them are creating a game for them. We’ll be industry for our own malu than the call you moving and with the streets. None of them understood me. And couple of dieters used to throw me out from the studios and these laugh at me so in that time after the a to kenya’s now have money power and i can do almost anything so what i did. I created a different kind of use before the company. We started taking real actor actress as our own model we started simulating damn is in a normal local studio. We’ve converted the in studio. We hire lots of local photograph. I i taught them how to do the photographic for games and then we we specifically started making superheroes from those real actor and actress. Initially it was fresh models eventually that became celebrities use to come and we started making them as superheroes and those doctors will use to call me busy.

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We used to throw me out and others now. The situation became a little bit of completely different. Probably well the information They can realize. I’m the same kid who used to roam around nearby studio yet now. Are that some big business magnetic game and he’s there to pump pumping money. I did my bit in the movie. Industry here media. India will produce toothy and Give public declaration down the that. That kids who came around seven eight years back wanted to disrupt. Nobody understood nobody listened. That’s the kind of thing that that i am doing. And let’s join hands so libya would question. There’s kazaa been listeners. Understand that you basically are creating animations with those actors correct. No we are basically creating game characters are becoming. Yeah so they are becoming game campaign to our title based games which is our own universe and india from india recognize them and say oh i know who that actor is and now they featured in in a game then yes and i assume that self there is help their career. I would think it would yes. Of course i mean a lot of lot of actors got a lot many waters because they became a game toe who we conclude india’s first superhero shuki mon- so mr mugabe cannot became Iman our gamed idols. He’s a very nice guy For that i used to watch the tv cd’s When i was a kid down when he said yes to become a game data i was jumping with joy and then we converted around two hundred plus reelecting actress into opportunity. Calicoes for our game for the are apps for our minded realty games and others and so far so good. The all of them became happy and Lord of them became popular is lot of them started their journey from our black platform and they became popular. They’re working. Mtv they’re working in industrial that femmes we send. I think around. Fifty plus fresh morals actors from india to lot of different countries including china south korea value on where where they used to become ostler used to represent our game. They used to walk on the red carpet and all so that happened so disruption happened. I became like you know gene. I love to mention this. I became like more and more success oriented. I used to think that okay. I became really successfully. Lock to touch upon us very small story. We changed my my entire outlook towards life. Okay then and there were gonna and then we’re going to answer a couple of questions related more toward creativity. Although you’ve shared a family appreciate you talk about the games that that’s fascinating but go ahead and tell us what you’re going to say. Okay charles travelling in in a different country which is basically stan and it was windows in windows in our specific avia untrue which is like very cold at night it becomes like minus two minus three. It’s really cold outside. And i was in my cozy car. I usually used to travel. I hope i’m not taking a lot of time. Appeals or visit okinawa here. You’re okay right now but we do have a couple of questions we wanna. We definitely want to ask before we go. Yeah sure sure sure so. What happened I was in my in my car. And i was working in my laptop and officer night. Here child is crying aloud loudly. I looked at my nightside. And i saw that. There was a mad woman. She’s not mentally stable. She gonna go to child. She’s a bigger of course like staying on the streets on the job is crying because it doesn’t have any under blood’s because of the cold she’s crying loud and what happened. Methodically stopped in a signalise. All that incident. What happened the leash. She opened her own clothes. And she racked up the baby and Grab Do our own lap on that sent. The car started and i started crying.

00:45:03 – 00:50:03

I was thinking like what the hell i’m doing. This is not the reason. I started my business. I become famous make money. I’m helping probably most talk about my intention was to uplift. The community was to probably get back to my countrymen and this is the situation in india. And i’m not able to do anything. I’m just getting laura prisons. That’s try decided not to be in the bliss off of that and I decided i’m gonna uplift the villages rather than on recruiting people good for usually under division here so we created the division in the company wearing i specifically put people who can travel go to the villages where weekend vegetable people tease them on handicrafts on creativity and we can probably make an opportunity for them to have a good livelihood. I traveled to attain kubota numbers. Lot of villages made them visited these places stocking giving them training for free endowed programs. Run for free on whatever product that they produce. We started selling from one place to another place. Initially happened within india. Eventually i started expanding the opportunity to explore that from yet throughout the parts. And whatever money that that entire used regenerate it is early for them. We created company that we created flustered inside. Those villages is a self sustaining model. And i so probably you ask wishing why running so much worldly. I wanted to become more if you like that very good. That’s really great. Yeah okay we’re gonna have to have you on again behind you’ve got to ask you. You covered a lot of ground. Anything i know we really appreciate it. I would ask you kind of a quick question in five words or less. What would be your advice to people who want to live or be more creative. Okay my first line would be bad of people. Used to call me mad. But i have a different dictionary. Infamous it for accurate and defer to mind. So be mad. That’s good number one number two. If you really want to become an artist don’t think who admire your art or who is appreciating. It don’t draw because somebody will buy dried for yourself and for every product. There is a buyer. I firmly believe that. Yes yeah it’s just needs a right time right for you. So don’t create art for others number three of yours fight. Not probably when you are creating your your creativity. Try to talk with your arts. It should tell a story not a small incident in should have a have a meaning. The fifth point a very simple art can have a beautiful option with a meaning to try to make some art which connect and dutch. Probably truman kind and people would look at it and probably cannot move. There is from. Your art is hard but it is okay to create such tender incident. I know a group of artists from different parts of eurasia who actually started a revolution by saving and that that revolution actually saved in dire amounted factory which wanted to destroy that mountain and the group of artists with seniors with faint does it and then after that they are now asking our help to our community if we can help with some kind of technology which can sustain that factory because there are people who may become jobless because nisar yes think exit excellent answer as prey. Where the best that really. So how about your your. Here’s my question we. We always everyone this. Rg and that is if you are sitting on a bark park bench and could chat with anyone from the past. Who would it be myself. Okay excellent. that’s a good answer. that’s a good answer. You’d you’d like to discuss wet. You have been through in your life. Probably i would have given him a couple of small advice. Which is we feel. That could have been done better because had less experienced probably.

00:50:03 – 00:53:55

I did a lot of mistakes in life. Okay so probably. I would love to talk to my younger self okay. That’s that’s really a good idea. It’s a great idea because we all know what to do that. Back and say brea wish. I would have done this which had not done that. It’s a great answer. That’s an excellent answer and a very truthful one aid to do this but we got to wrap this show up and rg you of complete so much of your life. We were so glad that you were able to share some of that with us. I know that your life has been one that is very dynamic and fill the so many You know opportunities that come about just because you’re you keep going. You know united very cool thing. Where did i feel that. I haven’t done anything. Do we really video honest. If albert einstein can say that is just picking up small rocks in front of a large sea to who the hell am i to say that i have complete something. Alad done something. Well i think the biggest thing that you’ve accomplished in the biggest thing that you identified was your willingness to stay thin and get to help other people that are less fortunate than you. I think that is true success for anybody absolutely any entrepreneur that can get to the point where they can actually help other people. That’s that’s the best exactly You are right it. Would i feel as a success as the last line before i eat at before we brought in the i feel. Success is when you can make others smile. Nick others have been and it’s not the amount of money at somebody can on life. Money can be earned. Money can be barked. It doesn’t matter it’s just a just a way of buying things but money cannot buy happiness. Successful puzzle is someone who can make others smile from inside by bushel of doing their own work together. It’s not that you’re getting some money to someone he or she smiling but he’s you can create a complete structured. People will laugh when people will smile when people will probably in july flew by using your name. That’s what i call as success green nor do you know we’re right up against it so i want to let everyone know if you want to know more about. Our sheet will have links for him under the show. Guest tab on that row podcast dot com so everyone can learn more about him and please connect with him on social media and check out his website to we plan on having him back again. Because there’s a lot of ground that we’d like to cover the we think it has much to do about living a creative life so our thank you so much today mike mike thank you so much bye bye. I’m really glad you tuned in today. We hope you enjoyed the thoughts ideas we shared with you. We post a new podcast every week. So remember to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. So you don’t miss an episode. So it’s by for now from my husband wrought an eye wishing everyone a great day pool.