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Episode 33: Candy Yeldham – Makeup Artist & Fashion Model

Episode 33: Candy Yeldham – Makeup Artist & Fashion Model

We’re excited to have as our podcast guest, London-based British Makeup Artist, Candy Yeldham. She travels globally for magazines and editorial assignments. Candy works regularly on fashion shoots with celebrities and models. She even does a little modeling herself when time permits. 

On this episode of the Thought Row Podcast get to learn the in’s and out’s of the world of makeup artists. Our guest has a tremendous background in creating makeup that is perfect for photography, stage, video, and film. She also discusses life in front of and behind the camera.


Show Notes:

Opening music

R: I don’t understand what you’re signing to me. You’re moving your hands all over the place

I: Okay…I’m letting you know that you need to get ready and pay attention…so we can start the podcast. 

R: Ok, Ok…I get it now. I thought you were shooing a fly. 

I: No…this means go…and this means stop.

R: Is it time to go? 

I: Yes…let’s get started…this is going to be a great show…with a great guest. 

R: Hi everyone…And here we are…Celebrating what people love to do creatively by giving them a voice… I’m Rod Jones 

I: And I’m Inci Jones…Welcome to the Thought Row podcast. We invite you to subscribe wherever you listen. We are available virtually anywhere you listen to your podcasts. 

R: No matter what you do creatively this is the podcast for you. 

Inci, what are we discussing today? 

I: Today we’re going to be speaking with Candy Yeldham, makeup artist & model.

R:  You know I have known Candy for several years. She’s a beautiful model and a very talented makeup artist.. Let’s hear this week’s quote. 

I:  Okay, so this quote for this week: The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. Yves Saint Laurent 

Discuss – 

I: Now it’s your turn Rod…We are ready for Rod’s motivational moments. 

R: If you’re going to take photographs with your mobile phone, do yourself a favor and those that have to look at your images, by learning the rule of thirds. You can Google it. 

Discuss – Ok…we’ll Google it…but what are the rule of thirds, for those that don’t know. 

I: You’re on social media frequently, what is the one thing that really annoys you about the pictures people post? 

Discuss – That is too easy… taking pictures in the mirror and for the sake of all of us. Shut the lid on the toilet. 

R: What about you? What’s the most annoying thing you see on social media? 

Discuss – 

I: Ok, let’s go the other direction, what is the most wonderful thing you see on social media? 

Discuss – 

R: What is the best thing you see on social media? 


I: The wonderful thing about social media…and yes…there really is a good thing…is you can visit far-off lands and see scenery that you may never see in your lifetime. 


R: Speaking of beauty…let’s bring on our charming guest Candy. 

Play middle music. 

R: Candy…welcome to the Thought Row Podcast, we are excited to have you as a guest. 

I: Hi Candy… I know our listeners are going to be as excited and I am chatting with a makeup artist today. 

R: Candy… We’ve known each other through social media for several years, and I’ve really enjoyed the photographs you have posted of various people you’ve created makeup for. Plus, the fact that you are also a model…you have been photographed beautifully. 

Candy – replies

I: Ok, Candy before we officially start the interview…We always like to ask our guests what they had for breakfast.

R: Being a makeup artist is an exciting career. What inspired you to become a makeup artist? 


I: We’ve learned that you are an expert in many types of makeup application. What have been the biggest challenges? 


R: In one of my early careers I was a fashion photographer and I worked with makeup artists and top fashion models. You have managed to pursue both forms of creativity. And from my experience it is pretty rare. Tell us about your pursuit of both creative careers.


R: As a makeup artist you’ve had to work with photographers, video & film production people…which one of these do you find to be the most demanding?  


I:  Have you ever done stage makeup? 


R: I know that for makeup artists it’s not always about making people look beautiful. Have you ever had to use prosthetic appliances? 


I: I want to ask you a question about your modeling career. What was your very first modeling gig and how old were you?  


R: It’s interesting that you have found a home, both in front of and behind the camera. What has been the most gratifying for you? 

Discussion – 

I: Makeup can take on an artistic look…almost fantasy or even abstract…like a painting. Tell us about your experience in that very creative area. 


I: What are three makeup staples that you recommend that are not the traditional mascara, powder, lip stick? 

Discuss – 

R: This is not a question that I would typically ask…but tell Inci and I what the latest makeup trends are.  


I: Candy when we had our initial phone conversation prior to the podcast you mentioned that you’ve had to develop positive energies to keep moving forward and motivated in your careers. What advice would you have for others that want to adopt that strategy? 

Discuss – 

R: What would you like to accomplish in the next two years?  

I: So now… we’re going to ask you a question that we have been asking all of our guests. If you could sit on a park bench and chat with anyone from the past, who would it be?

R: Candy, thank you for being our guest today. And thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas on living a creative life.   

I: I agree with Rod….our listeners are going to enjoy this interview. Also…Just want to let everyone know…if you want to know more about Candy, we will have links for her under the show guest tab on Thought Row So everyone can learn more about her and connect with her on social media and her website. 

Rod & Inci – Thanks for being with us today…bye for now. 


Close music.