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Episode 47: Ken Bagnis – Former Rock Star Turns Author & Psychotherapist

Episode 47: Ken Bagnis – Former Rock Star, Turns Author & Psychotherapist

Our guest Ken Bagnis discusses his former life as a rock star, and how his life took him down the path of becoming a psychotherapist, and then as a best-selling author of novels for young adults.

He shares his journey into his musical beginnings as a rock-n-roll singer to how his life evolved into a series of serendipities that led him into becoming an author.

Ken Bagnis is an accomplished musician and practicing psychotherapist. He has been crafting stories and singing for rock-n-roll bands since his early youth in Cleveland, Ohio. Musical success took the form of tens of records sold, supported by a North American tour in a filthy Econoline van that lasted several years. Wandering down a side street lit by the Gazzarri’s parking lot, he contemplated starting a new life as close as possible to the Sunset Strip. With the fortuitousness which always surprises one in retrospect, he collided with the girl of his dreams. The marriage survives but Gazzarri’s has not.

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