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Season 2 – Ep: 1 – Winifred Potenza – Artist | Potter | Creator – Hearts of the World

Season 2 – Ep: 1 – Winifred Potenza -Artist | Potter | Creator – Hearts of the World

Rod and Inci start the show by kicking off season 2 with a very special guest that truly represents what it’s like to live a life of creativity. They interview an artist that has spent over 50 years creating virtually every day of her life. She shares what led her to become an artist in the first place and how her career blossomed from her first Winsor & Newton paint set that was a gift to her from her husband.

In this episode, you will meet international artist Winifred Potenza. She discusses the many facets of her 50+ year career creating paintings, pottery and perhaps her most purposefully planned project, the internationally celebrated Hearts of the World project, where she created a painting of each country’s flag by incorporating the heart to bring the hearts of the people around the world together. The paintings were presented to many World Leaders, including His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and the United Nations.

She’s also known for creating a 360 ft painting on canvas called THE PEACEABLE REALM dedicated to a World at Peace. The painting was on display in numerous countries around the world. The paintings were celebrated by dignitaries and world leaders as an emblem of how people can get along and respect each other’s traditions.

This Season 2 opening episode truly celebrates the mission of the Thought Row podcast, where Rod & Inci Jones celebrate what people love to do creatively by giving them a voice.