Thought Row Podcast

Season 2 – Episode 26: Henry Willard – Audio Engineer Discusses the Importance of Audio

Henry Willard is a pro when it comes to television, film & animation audio. He is an audio engineer based in South-East England, the UK specializing in remote recording for voiceover artists & voice actors and live in-session voice-to-picture synchronization for television commercials, animation & motion pictures around the world, as well as recording, direction, editing, mixing & sound design for commercials, radio, e-learning, podcasts & more.

Henry shares with us his love for voices, words & lyrics, and his passion for recording voices in all different languages from around the world and bringing them together with pictures, for commercials, animation, feature film, or an independent project.

He has had the pleasure of leading voiceover & ADR recording sessions for hundreds of leading brands, television productions, animations & independent companies around the world, in dozens of different languages for Disney, Coca-Cola, 20th Century Studios, Nestlé, Netflix, AppleTV, Starbucks, Microsoft, IKEA, Fanta, Michelin, numerous BBC productions, and many more.

In this episode, you’ll get a visit to his life in the recording industry and how you can sound better yourself when you need to record your voice.