Thought Row Podcast with Rod & Inci Jones

Spirituality in Creativity

Episode 16: Spirituality in Creativity

Hosts Rod and Inci Jones share thoughts and ideas on how getting in touch with one’s spirituality impacts our creative lives. They discuss a quote by Wassily Kandinsky and have a conversation about creativity, spirituality and the effects of social media and opinions on your creativity.


Show Notes: 


R: Hi everyone…And here we are…Celebrating what people love to do creatively… I’m Rod Jones 


I: And I’m Inci Jones…Welcome to the Thought Row podcast. We invite you to subscribe wherever you listen. We are available virtually anywhere you listen to your podcasts. 


R: That’s right…We’ve learned, people want to think more creatively, and will benefit from our weekly shows. What are we discussing today? 


I: We were thinking…because this is holy week celebrated around the world. We might discuss Spirituality in Creativity. 


R: I suspect that most creative people give some credit for their talents to spiritual guidance. Rather that be from within or from an outside source. 


I: So that could be a mentor…they’re not always just a teacher…but I’ve always had the impression that creativity flows into us from somewhere within.


R: Where do you think this comes from?




I: Where do you think this comes from?




R: I think it’s time to use the quote that both Inci and I have discovered recently…so why don’t you share it with our listeners? 


I: Okay…here is our quote for this week…“Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings, the artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another to cause vibrations in the soul.”  Kandinsky


I: What about you Rod…what are your thoughts about this quote?


Discussion by Inci


R: Well I have to say, we are fortunate enough to own Kandinsky’s book entitled “ The Spiritual in Art Abstract Painting.” And I freely admit that this is not light reading. 


I: Yes, this book is a large book 11” x 11” and about 2 inches thick. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a painter to appreciate what’s written. 


R: There are many take-aways if you have a chance to read that book. 




R: If you’re lucky enough to find a copy. It’s a book worth having in your library. 


I: Does anyone really know what the spirit of creativity is? 


R: Is it like an ap-parition that visits a lucky few at 3:00 in the morning?




I: Can you imagine that according to Merriem Webster, the first known use of the word “creative” was 1875?? 




R: Leonardo da Vinci…how would they have described him? Would they use the word creative? 




I: Imagination was first used in the 14th century.




R: That leads us to this question…You may want to ask yourself…What is art? 




I: I know that I have certain feelings inside when I’m creating a work of art. I equate that to a spiritual feeling. 




R: I hate it when people ask me what inspires you. I do my best not go outside of my own soulfull thinking when I’m creating. 




I: I don’t think you can really immerse yourself in any form of creativity unless you are connecting to your spiritual side. 




R: It would be wonderful if you could tune into the spiritual side of your thoughts when its time to create at will.


I: That gets back to creative ideas…sometimes seem to come out of nowhere and they don’t always show up when you’re in the mood to create. 




R: Lucky is the person who can tune in when they need help the most. 




I: This seems to be a good time of year to think about the inspirations we receive from our inner soul.


R: Yes, and it’s also spring and we all know what that means…it’s a time for rebirth and renewal. 




I: So often we discount what that little voice inside of us…tells us. The one that can protect us.




R: We would love to know how you look at spiritual inspiration. And how it affects your creativity. No matter what you do. 


I: If you’re a writer, a composer, artist, dancer, or really any creative person…I imagine that you have already found your spirit guide. 


R: Chatting about spirituality and creativity can go many directions. I know it will trigger further discussion and thoughts for everyone. 


I: Yes…this is one of those subjects where there’s always plenty of questions and not so many answers. 


I: Rod…Well we’ve come to the end of our show for today. 


R: I think you and I can chat about this for quite some time, but I know we need to wrap it up.


I: Okay…I just want to remind everyone before we leave for today… if you’d like to have a screensaver of the Kandinsky quote. I put it up for you on our website at so you can download it. 


R: Thank you everyone for listening and being with us today. 


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