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The Art of Ikebana – Building Serenity with Florals

Episode: 17 – The Art of Ikebana – Building Serenity with Florals

Introducing this week’s Thought Row podcast The Art of Ikebana – Serenity with Florals with special guest Tuija Nyrönen. She is a very accomplished creator of floral arrangements.

She practices Japanese Ikebana which is a way of arranging flowers that was introduced into Japan in the 6th century. The art is based on the harmony of simple linear constructions and the appreciation of the subtle beauty of flowers and material, such as branches and stems. 

If you need positive and creative motivation to lift your spirits for the whole week, then tune in, wherever you listen to podcasts.


Show Notes:

R: Hi everyone…And here we are…motivating you to live more creatively. I’m Rod Jones

I: And I’m Inci Jones…Welcome to the Thought Row podcast. We invite you to subscribe wherever you listen. We are available virtually anywhere you listen to your podcasts. 

R: No matter what you do creatively this is the podcast for you. 

Inci, what are we discussing today? 

I: Today we’re going to be speaking with Tuija Nyrönen. She is a very accomplished creator of floral arrangements. She has a very particular style of floral arranging though…it’s called IKEBANA. Which is a Japanese way of arranging flowers. It was introduced into Japan in the sixth century by Chinese Buddhist missionaries, who had formalized the ritual of offering flowers to Buddha. The art is based on the harmony of simple linear constructions and the appreciation of the subtle beauty of flowers and natural material, such as branches and stems. 

R: This is an art that is truly tactile in every sense. It’s time for Inci’s quote of the day. 

I: Okay…so our quote this week is:  “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” – Buddha. So it fits in with our topic today. 


I: Ok…it’s now time for a new segment…Rod’s Motivational Moment…what do you have for us today? 

R: Do it now…if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our guests. Start your creative ambitions NOW. Don’t wait for the perfect time because it simply does not exist. 


Pablo Casals played cello…I think I’m making progress..I think I see some improvement. 

I: Not everyone has an occupation that they feel is the most rewarding. And a creative outlet can be just what is needed to bring joy back into your life. 


R: I think it’s time to chat with our guest.

R: Tuija welcome to the Thought Row Podcast both Inci and I have been really looking forward to chatting with you.

I: Hi Tuija so good to have you with us today. 

R: I have been following you on Instagram for quite some time and I really enjoy seeing your posts of your floral arrangements. They have been very inspirational to me and actually Inci and I have learned from some of your suggestions on taking care of plants. 

I: That’s right…Tuija helped rehabilitate one of our plants that wasn’t doing so well.

R: To say that you create beautiful floral arrangements is really not giving you the proper credit you deserve. Your designs go way beyond just a vase with some pretty flowers. 

I: Oh…you know we need to ask you Tuija…What you had for breakfast. 

R: You live in Finland. Most people would assume that you don’t have a growing season or that it is very short. Where do you get the flowers and other materials you use to build your creations?

I: There is a Japanese term for the style of floral designs that you create. What is that called?

R: That is fascinating…When did you first discover this style of creating?

I: You are obviously very passionate about what you are doing creatively. What is your greatest joy when you are creating something and when you are complete with your arrangement?

R: We would love to know what your creative process is like? 

I: What is your workspace like?

R: Do you envision what the end results are going to be when you are practicing Ikebana.

I: I suspect like most creative people, you are inspired by what you’re creating. Tell us why you decided to pursue this form of true creativity. 

R: I know you photograph your creations because I’ve had the opportunity to view them somewhat consistently for the last several years. How long have you been doing this?

I: Okay…I really want to know if you plan the arrangements out in advance or do you just start with a few pieces and then build your final composition? 

R: I know people that listen to our podcast are going to be fascinated by where you live.
Tell us about what it’s like where you live in Finland. 

I: We know you have long periods of darkness there in the winter time. And I can imagine that your floral compositions probably brighten up your soul and your home. Tell us about it.

R: Do you have any pets that love to play with your arrangements? How do you keep them from destroying them? 

I: Where do you get the materials you use like the flowers, vases, etc? 

R: The art form you have mastered brings a lot of beauty and joy to everyone that has the opportunity to see them. How has social media helped? 

I: I love the fact that you have developed such a wonderful talent. How do you feel inside when you’re working on Ikebana composition?

R: You know what…I don’t know if we delved into the Japanese Ikebana style of floral arranging. Can you tell us more about it?

I: Every time I see one of your creations, to me they are “Love Arrangements” because they bring beauty and a sense of serenity to the world. Tell us how you think your floral arrangements inspire people when they see them.

R: Has this creative endeavor helped you in your personal growth and your thoughts about life in general?

I: You, Tuija are not only a very creative person, you are a delight to chat with. If you could sit on a park bench and chat with anyone from the past, who would it be? 

R: I agree with Inci, you have been a delight to chat with. And I hope more people will have the opportunity to see your floral designs. 

R: Tuija, we really appreciate you taking the time for this interview with Inci and I. 

I: Just letting everyone know…if you want to know more about Tuija Nyrönen and her floral designs we will have links in the show notes and also under the show guest tab on Thought Row So everyone can learn more about her and connect with her on social media. 

I: Thank you Tuija for joining us today.